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Since windows 8 sdk published, metro style app becomes more and more popular.

However, till now the windows store app sdk doesn't support .gif image's animation. As we known, .Net image tools provide much more image functionality, and it's really powerfull for us, including the .gif image's animation. 

But one thing is that the .Net imagetools just supports windows phone 7.x and Silverlight, so I got the idea to port the full-set fucntions of this project to windows store application, and it costs me overall two days, but obviously, it's worthful.

ImageTools for WinRT is a porting library from ImageTools for Silverlight, which provides additional functionality for loading, saving and manipulation images from different sources and with different formats. The original link is

bellow is the demo screenshot:


Just find the solution file for vs2012, double click "ImageTools.WinRT.sln" and go ahead.

Another screenshot:

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